PERFORM's CRM team works very closely with PERFORM's Marketing team to ensure that once a customer has subscribed to a platform that subscriber is managed as effectively as possible for both cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, as well as to manage customer churn.

Customer Data Management

This team is responsible for managing all aspects of data capture, storage and segmentation. Using enterprise standard Oracle database clusters, every user that is registered with a PERFORM platform is managed according to their levels of permission and triggers are automatically flagged to the Outbound Communications team when certain key subscriber events are imminent (e.g. lapsing subscription, lapsing payment details, low usage levels). This minimises churn levels at all times.

This team is also responsible for ensuring all PERFORM's platforms are legally adhering to the Data Protection Act.

Outbound Communications

PERFORM's relationship with leading email marketing group Communicator Corp, combined with PERFORM's content management system, means the CRM team has a range of tools that can flexibly and efficiently communicate with large targeted subscriber groups through both online (email) and mobile (SMS) channels. To support this service, PERFORM has a dedicated telemarketing team to manage subscriber churn and customer acquisition.

Customer Support

PERFORM operates a full time customer support function, providing both users and subscribers of our various managed platforms with timely support to ensure that fans enjoy optimal user experiences. Typical queries include: forgotten username / password, technical issues viewing content, geo-location queries and billing inquiries.