PERFORM's Design team is responsible for designing new web and mobile platforms as well as creating engaging Marketing campaigns.

Taking a user-centered design approach, which is integral to the success of PERFORM's platforms, the Design team are highly skilled in taking an existing brand and translating it online and on mobile, following the below process.

Information Architecture

The Information Architecture team is involved from the very beginning of a web or mobile platform development. They are responsible for scoping out the project, gathering requirements from both platform managers and users to create wireframes, mapping user journeys and producing a functional specification that becomes the bible for the design and build of the platform.

Graphic Design

Taking the work provided by the Information Architecture team, the Graphic Design team creates mood boards to establish an agreed visual direction. Once agreed the concept work begins based on the functional specification document. Once complete, the graphic designs are passed to the Technology team for the site build to begin.

Marketing Assets Design

To accompany the web and mobile platform designs, PERFORM's Design team works in conjunction with PERFORM's Marketing team, to create bespoke assets and online marketing campaigns for our client and wholly owned platforms.